A Rock Opera In Two Acts, VERONA is a very new telling of the story of Romeo and Juliet. Based upon the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. The story, the players, the setting is very familliar....the words are drawn from Shakespeare but are not strictly those of the Bard. In fact you will find that the sung-thru Libretto is very new to the ear. While is holds true to the style and story it is quite new. And the music is VERY new indeed. A fusion of rock and pop with period music. This may seem at first blush to be Old Will's Romeo and Juliet...but this an't your Daddy's Shakespeare!


When a group of middle-aged old High School class mates return to the scene of their senior prom for their 25th class reunion lots of things can happen. When the baggage they bring with them is far more than just their luggage it sets the stage for our story. DYLAN TULLY arrives with his wife CYNTHIA and his teen son CHRIS and his floundering marriage and middle-age crazy baggage trailing behind him. He is not sure why he is so eager to be there until he sees "her", his old High School flame SHEILA, now SHEILA SCIPIO but no longer married since her husband was killed in Irag. She has arrived along with her teen daughter BRANDI. SHEILA is beautiful as ever, which does not go unnoticed by CYNTHIA. Also arriving is BIG BOB BOBO, class president and captain of the football team and general big-man-on-campus. Blew out his knee in college and ended up a successful car dealer. His wife recently passed and he has high hopes of landing the one who got away in High School, SHEILA. He has brough along his teen son BIG BOB BOBO JR. Oddly the one everyone wants to see is the one they all made fun of in school, the class geek, who is now a multi-billionaire and super successful tech wizard CURD DEVANEY. All this reunion has been planned, as usual by the class blogger and secretary. The woman who has kept everyone in touch all these years, RITA BLONSKY. Her life, for the past 25 years has been as much about keeping her old class informed as it has been about her own life and mariage. Her husband refused to come with her! Her fondest dream is to see DYLAN and SHELIA back together. Also trying to regain past glories is the Old World Hotel, the scene of the senior prom 25 years ago and the place which has seen better days. The Manager REG PORTNOY is trying hard to bring it back to life and he has high hopes for this reunion weekend as part of that revival for the Hotel. Dreams die hard!


MAGNOLIA'S BBQ, The Musical..... The Juke Joint's Jumpin'... The Music's Rockin'....The Stories Are Sordid....But All Is Cool At Magnolia's BBQ... Until Someone Gets Murdered.....Set in the deep South during the 60s, MAGNOLIA'S BBQ is the story of MAGNOLIA PLENTY a big hearted, big beautiful white woman secretly married to a big teddy bear of a black man, ROSEY POSEY. They have a tall, good-looking son GOODEN PLENTY who is the combination heart-throb and singing star at Magnolia's. Magnolia's jumpin' sound is powered by TOMMY "SWEET TATER" TUCKER and his band. The music, the food, the poker game in the back room, the girls upstairs, and the endless alure of the best juke joint around makes  Magnolia's the place to be, except for a few of the town's local do-gooders such as PORTIA BOLAND who want the place closed down. As long as MAGNOLIA can stay just on the right side of SHERIFF "BULLY BILL" LAWSON and as long as her clients include MAYOR MAINARD and JUDGE MOBLEY, she stays just ahead of the ones who want her gone. The joint is jumpin'....the music is rockin'....the story is a wild one....and all is cool at Magnolia's BBQ...until someone gets murdered...then the mystery begins!


​Shouldn't there be something BIG and BOLD about Musicals?? Shouldn't there be bright lights and marching bands??? Well the title is BOLD and BRIGHT and there will be MUSIC!!!!! We do have Musicals, yes...more than just Musical Plays and Plays...we also have Musicals!!!! And HERE you will find the BOOK on our Musicals:


​Set In The Old Gym Which Serves As A Community Center For The Catholic Church, SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS Is The Story Of Eight Troubled Teens Assigned To An Experimental Program. Created By BISHOP CLOVER And Mentored By Young Priest FATHER BILLY, The Program Is Intended To Help Turn Around The Lives Of These Eight Teens!

Each Teen Has Their Own Troubles, Their Own Stories. We Follow NEAL CHEUNG, Young Asian-American Teen Who Wants To Be Famous But Also Starts Fires; DELI BLAKE, The Chronic Runaway Who Has Serious Problems At Home; BADIM IBRAHIM, The Very Repressed Arab-American Teen Who Worries That He May Be Gay; LOHNDA RAMIREZ, The Orphaned Hispanic Teen Who Is Homeless And Breaks Into Empty Apartments To Sleep; WILLIE BUCK, The Transplanted Texas Teen Who Is Gay And Who Is Arrested For Solicitation; STEPHANIE JONES, The Hard-Edged African-American Teen Who Is Tough On The Surface And Is Arrested For Drug Posession; MORRIS ALLEN, The Super Talented African-American Teen Who Hangs With The Wrong Crowd; And CLAUDIA LAWRENCE, The Poor Little Rich Girl With A BIG ATTITUDE, Who Is Arrested Frequently For Shop Lifting.

THESE Are The SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIALS, Assigned To Be Mentored By FATHER BILLY Every Saturday Night For An Entire Year! Their Stories Play Out In Song And Dance; In Laughter And Tears; In Defeat And Victory. The Music Drives The Story And Is As Much A Telling Factor As The Book! From The Opening Number, HELLO FATHER GOODBYE SATURDAY NIGHTS, To The Finale, I'M TURNIN' IT ON, The Show Is Repleat With Music And Movement!


    SAMMIE LUNN is living her dream and her nightmare all at once. She has moved from her small town home to Nashville to pursue her dream of a career in Country Music, but reality is far more than the dream. Two years after her move she finds herself working just outside of Nashville in a Country Music Cowboy Bar, Shelby’s Roadhouse, as both waitress and entertainer. As Act One opens SAMMIE and THE ROADHOUSE BAND are just finishing their final set of the night, performing one of SAMMIE’S  own original songs “LET ME DOWN EASY”. This Number serves as the opening Musical Number of the Show. The crowd is small of this night but there are people dancing as she sings. When the Number ends SAMMIE announces “last call” and THE BAND leaves the stage. SAMMIE moves back to her work as a waitress and finishes her last tables as patrons begin leaving the club. We now meet SHELBY MC COY the brash, blonde female owner of the Roadhouse. She enters the scene and speaks to SAMMIE, telling her that she will be away on business until the next night and that SAMMIE is in charge while she is gone. When SHELBY sees that SAMMIE is “in one of her moods”, SHELBY feels free to dispense some of her usual advice. In a stand-alone Musical Number SHELBY tells SAMMIE once again of the pitfalls of the Country Music business in the Musical Number “HARD ROAD”. As the Number ends, SHELBY leaves, not knowing if SAMMIE feels better or worse for the advice. SAMMIE, who feels no better at all, now steps into the SPOTLIGHT and sings her own stand-alone Musical Number in which she lets her feelings go about her desire to be a Country Music singer/songwriter and just what that truly means to her as she sings “MY OWN COUNTRY ROAD”.

    When this BIG emotional Number ends, SAMMIE is joined by her friend and the fiddle player and backup singer of the ROADHOUSE BAND, SHEILA TRIPP. SHEILA knows full well all about SAMMIE’S struggles with her career and she can see that, once again, SHELBY has said just the wrong thing. They talk as SHEILA helps SAMMIE clear the glasses from the now empty tables. They place all the glasses in a bus cart and move back to the stage where they are joined by the other members of THE ROADHOUSE BAND for their usual after hours rehearsal/jam session. We now meet lead guitar DANNY WARREN; drummer BUDDY JOE GRIMES; steel player CAPP STONE; and bass guitar player WILSON MC COY, SHELBY’S younger brother. SAMMIE plays rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar and piano at different times. After a bit of conversation, they break into an instrumental Musical Number “AFTER HOURS JAM”. After this jam, SAMMIE moves to the piano and the group moves into another one of SAMMIE’S original song’s in which she sings about a small town girl with big city dreams, “DON’T LET GO”. Once this Number ends, and after a few laughs, they finish their jam session with a Number which SAMMIE and SHEILA wrote together, and up tempo Number with fiddle and steel and SAMMIE on acoustic guitar and SHEILA and SAMMIE sharing vocals, “BROKEN HEARTED FOOLS”. When this Number ends the jam session breaks up. After SHEILA and SAMMIE share a bit more conversation everyone leaves except SAMMIE.

    Now alone in the club, SAMMIE finds herself as she does often late at night talking to herself. As she carries on this one sided conversation she moves into a Reprise of “MY OWN COUNTRY ROAD”, a slower and more plaintive version than before. As she sings she does not notice that a tall young man has entered the Scene and is watching her from nearby. He is dressed in an odd fashion, almost a throwback to another era. This is THAD. When the Number ends SAMMIE is startled when THAD applauds loudly, clapping his hands. She is shocked to see him standing there. She tells him that the club is closed but he is not moved by her words. As the story moves SAMMIE feels a strange connetion to this amazing man. They talk the night away. They even sing together. He says he must leave but he will be back the next night after hours if she would like to see him again. 

​In Act Two SAMMIE'S poor excuse for a manager, DANNY WARREN comes to the club and pretends he has great news. He wants he to go on tour as a fourth string opening act for a low level tour. He says he could be a great break for her career. As the night moves on she is torn by so many emotions and she is also eager to see if the mysterious stranger shows up again late night. The music moves the Act along until after the club closes and, true to his word THAD arrives when SAMMIE is alone. He is not alone this time, he has brought an even stranger group of musician friends with him. There is something oddly familiar about all of them but SAMMIE can't quite decide what it is. They are an odd group but the thing they all have in common is they ar all amazingly talented and they all want to play SAMMIE'S music. SAMMIE finds herself more and more drawn to THAD, but he keeps the relationship from becoming closer than just friendship. Before he leaves this time he gives her the gift of a song which will be her song to record. Will the mystery be solved on the third night as Act Two ends? What is the mystery of THAD?? SHELBY returns and has and answer which may just be too hard to accept. Is it all a dream?? Is it real??


I may say this many times, but it is important that you understand. This is not the Peter Pan of your ancestors...this is not the Peter Pan of your parents, grandparents, great grandparents fact, this truly is not J. M. Barrie's story of Peter Pan at all! This is a very new story based upon characters and settings created by J. M. Barrie. But our story is very modern, there are no pirates, no pirate ships, no Captain Hook (he's been dead a very long time), no crocodile etc. Many things have changed, it is your choice if all have changed for the better. The one constant is PETER himself, for the most part. He still protects Lost Boys, though they are different Lost Boys. He still flies off from Neverland in search of a new Wendy, even if her name is not really Wendy. And there is still Neverland itself, though it has changed quite a bit. It is still a very magical place, a place not found on any map...a place you have to wish to find. And there is TINKERBELL, though there is something very different about her. She is now not just a little green light that follows PETER about, she can also become a full size "green" girl who drives PETER quite mad with her constant reminders of his "promises" and his "duties". This change for TINKERBELL came from a wish PETER made for her in the land of Wayward Wishes. No there are no pirates in this story...there are something far more dangerous....LAWYERS...and ACCOUNTANTS...oh my. And there is no Captain Hook, ther is his distant relative PERNICIOUS HOOK whose name decribes him quite well!

As our story opens we meet the ORLENS children DEIDRE (who will become PETER'S latest Wendy) who is 16, her older brother BURTON who is 17 almost 18 but acts more like 12, and thier younger sister BENDI who is a very precocious 10 yearold. We also meet their live-in tutor/caretaker MR. WILSON who spends far more time with them than their wealthy and often absent parents. WILSON tends to refer to the childre as the "Orlens spawn". DEIDRE lives in a constant state of feeling unloved mostly due to her parents being absent so much; BURTON mostly lives in his room playing video games and doing "secret experiments", he refuses to attend school and is home schooled by MR. WILSON; BENDI is wildly precocious, horribly CUTE, dangerously brave (will try anything) and she was named after the daughter of the late croodile hunter because her parents loved the show. The children have never noticed the strange face in the window, 16 floors up, and the ghostly green firefly which always accompanies it. When PETER and TINKERBELL finally show themselves, then adventure begins and they steal the children away to Neverland. There they meet the Lost Boys lead by PYRITE, NOBODY, PREVIOUSLY, KIRBY, and the twins UNO and DUCE. They also meet TIGER LILY who is now Chief of the NO CAH CEE NO Tribe. Trouble begins when PERNICIOUS HOOK a distant relative of the late captain Hook arrives claiming that Captian Hook actually owned Neverland and he can prove it and, that as his only heir, he now has inherited Neverland. He has grand plans to turn Neverland into a resort wonderland. He must dupe the tribe, sway the NEVER PEOPLE, and get rid of PETER. With him he brings his band of trouble makers...his LAWYERS...SMEE, SMY and SHMO; his ACCOUNTANTNTS....CASH, CRED, and LONE; and his Secret Service style BODYGUARDS...LEFT HOOK #1, LEFT HOOK #2, RIGHT HOOK #1, and RIGHT HOOK#2. No group ever made PETER long for the return of pirates like this bunch! It could be PETER'S toughest fight ever, but fight he must if he is to save Neverland!

Filled with lots of great new music...and it is not the same old music it is all brand new music....again...this is NOT your Mom and Dad's Peter is FOREVER NEVERLAND!!!!