It is a story of child abuse. It is a story of desperation. It is a story of prevailing, surviving the worst hell imaginable and coming through alive. It is the story of BOBBY! PREVAILING is a full length Musical Play in Two Acts  based upon the book “The Razor and the Mirror” by Christian-Michelle Dickerson, the story will grab you from the outset and will require you to deal with the realities of abuse and unspeakable torture. THE STORYTELLER, our guide through this story, introduces us to BOBBY, a very intelligent boy despised and abused for his intelligence and his sensibilities by his own family, especially his FATHER who beats him on a daily basis. He is vilified and feared by many in his community who feel he is a jinx or even an evil spirit, he is blamed for much of the bad luck and misfortune in the area. And beyond the abuse within his family, he is targeted by a predator within the community and raped and abused outside the family. He has few friends, but those he has are TRUE friends and help him stay firm and fast in his efforts to survive. And survive he does and, by a great ruse supported by his friends, he escapes his horrible life and the abuse and torture which has followed him through his life! From the opening song IGNORANCE, through the Finale number DYING TO BE NOTICED, the fifteen musical numbers of this Musical Play punctuate the story and often reveal as much as the story itself! It is a story of child abuse. It is a story of desperation. It is a story of PREVAILING, surviving the worst hell imaginable and coming through victorious on the other side. It is the story of BOBBY, ​It is our story of PREVAILING!


A show-within-a-show, HOLY GHOSTS is the final story of A. Michael Storm’s Stage Door Ghosts trilogy. It completes the cycle of UNSEEN ANGELS, TWILIGHT TIME and now HOLY GHOSTS. It tells the story of an ultra famous theatre couple thrown together one last time to do a show intended to be the swan song of at least one of them. It is the story of FELICITY GLEN, the once beautiful and widely adored theatre star whose current suitor, a wealthy businessman turned Producer, has “gifted” her with this one last BIG show. It becomes far less a fine gift when she is thrown together with her off-again-on again-off-again-etc. frequent co-star and lover SIR MICHAEL COLVIN. He is so legendary an actor that he has been knighted by the Queen.

The show-within-a-show is a new Musical Comedy titled THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH. The Producer has hired an equally famous and legendary Director PROCTOR IRVING to shape the show. He becomes trapped in somewhat of a nightmare as he struggles to make the show a BIG SUCCESS, while directing the battle between FELICITY and SIR MICHAEL. He also has to shield the beautiful young actress playing the featured role in THE QUEEN’S ENGLISH, MIRACLE PROSE. The problem there is, she is SIR MICHAEL’S latest conquest (though she does not know this as yet) and her presence is making FELICITY furious with jealousy both for SIR MICHEAL’S obvious interest in her and for the fact that she is so beautiful and talented. His problems are compounded when he becomes enamored with the young actor who is playing the love interest in the show, SEAN MAYHEW. The young actor must balance a pretense of availability to the director with his budding interest in MIRACLE. And, if that is not enough, SEAN must cope with open come-ons from FELICITY which stirs a bit of jealousy from SIR MICHAEL. And his problems are not eased a bit by his Assistant Director/ Choreographer MABELYN QUINCE who finds IRVING to be less a great Director and more a “legend past his prime”. Also she is every bit the hardcore work master who never gives an inch and who is frustrated by “What Could Have Been”

Watching what is becoming quite a “soap opera” within the show-within-the-show, is the Stage Manager, ALBERT MARKS, a theatre veteran whose true desire is Composing great musical theatre, not being Stage Manager. He provides the role of peace keeper and, along the way, provides a highlight musical moment. Also watching are three “ghosts of the theatre” who haunt/inhabit this famous old theatre. OLD WILL, GEORGIE, and SARAH are quite the self-assured authorities on theatre and acting and writing and well….everything theatre. They are also VERY familiar though never truly identified.

Is it the ghosts who haunt the theatre or the ghosts in the pasts of the stars which are the HOLY GHOSTS of the show? Will the show within-the-show THE QUEENS ENGLISH actually open? We answer these and many other questions in HOLY GHOSTS!


An aging starlet, MARION RAYMOR, spends her twilight days struggling with her orphaned grand daughter who reminds her far too much of her late daughter; and, far worse, with her worthless son who never grew up emotionally and wishes her dead so that he can inherit her wealth. Both live with her in her Manhattan penthouse. Her life is further complicated by her longtime agent/manager and, as far as she knows, friend who is constantly begging her to make one last comeback    and star in a one woman show on Broadway; all the while he is plundering her bank accounts to maintain his standard of living since he no longer makes big commissions from her career.This would be enough for anyone to deal with in later life, but this is only a small piece of the tangled puzzle which MARION’S life has become. She also receives regular visits, yes she sees them and talks with them, from three spirits from her past; the spirits of her late movie star daughter, MARY LEA, the spirit of her late first husband P.J. and beloved spirit of her late son CHARLIE, who died in a fall from the balcony of this very penthouse when only ​twelve years old.Her “twilight time” is one drama after another as she deals with her grand daughter’s struggle with the same inner demons which plagued her daughter, MARLEE’S mother MARY LEA. She also must cope with her growing suspicions that ALVIN her agent is stealing from her; and there is the fact that her worthless son POOLIE has grown tired of waiting to collect her wealth when she dies and has decided to help fate along by killing her; and of course there are those two spirits who never seem to let her rest or forget the short comings of her past life, her dead movie star daughter, and MARLEE’S mother, MARY LEA PAGE and her long dead first husband P.J. BELL, POOLIE’S neer-do-well father, who is still every bit the scoundrel he was in life. Her only solace is the third spirit who visits her frequently, her dead son CHARLIE, the son of the only man she ever truly loved her late husband  Charles Raymor. CHARLIE has become her confessor, her strength and her protector.In each life there are promises to keep, questions to be answered, and wishes to fulfill….. for some of us these promises, questions, and wishes live long after we have gone!


Or Plays with Music....whichever you prefer....I prefer Musical Plays since the Musical Plays we create are Plays with several Musical Numbers which are distinct parts of the story and which move the story along. They are not Musical Numbers in the sense of Musicals where chorus lines dance and sing or where singers step into the spotlight and "have their moment". The Musical Numbers in our Musical Plays actually are as much a part of telling the story as is the dialogue from the Book itself. It is HERE that you will find the "story" of our Musical Plays:


Set Entirely In The Great Room Of The Now Shuttered Bed And Breakfast, The Hollyhock Inn, UNSEEN ANGELS Tells A Story Of Loss, Rejection, Bitterness, And Redemption!

It Is The Story Of SHELDON MARS, Famous Broadway Composer/Lyricist/Creator Who Has Locked Himself Away In The Hollyhock Inn, The B And B He Built With His Deceased Life Partner LOUIS. SHELDON Has Dropped Out, Vanished From The Broadway Scene, Given Up On Life!

It Is Also The Story Of LOUIS, The Now Deceased Life Partner/Lover Mourned By SHELDON For Over Seven Years Now. Unknown To SHELDON, But Seen And Heard By The Audience, LOUIS'S Spirit haunts The Inn And Comments Caustically On Everything SHELDON Does And Says.
Thier Oddly Cloistered Existence Goes Undisturbed Until A New Visitor Shows Up At The Inn. AUDRIAN SMALL Is A Young Blogger Who Deeply Admires The Body Of Work Created By SHELDON. She Comes To The Inn Hoping To Interview The Great Man! AUDRIAN, As We Discover Has Demons Of Her Own In Her Past Which Still Haunt Her.

After Convincing SHELDON To Grant Her Entrance To The Inn, AUDRIAN Begins The Quirky Inteview. It Becomes A Sparring Match Between The Fiesty Young Woman And A Very Sarcastic And Defensive SHELDON. All Of This Is Witnessed And Commented On By The Spirit Of LOUIS, Who Is Quite Direct In His Wry Comments. It Also Becomes Apparent That LOUIS Is Also Very Bitter About His Past With SHELDON, The Love Of His Life And The Man Whom He Followed, Worshiped, And Gave All To!

Everything Is fair Game In This Verbal Confrontation, As Old Memories And Painful Secrets Come Out! Punctuated By Ten Musical Numbers Which Do As Much To Drive And Move The Story As The Book Itself, The Play Moves Relentlessly To A Very Dramatic And Cathartic Conclusion. From The First Number Of The Show, HOLLOW, To The Finale And Title Number, UNSEEN ANGELS, The Music And The Dialog Lead Us Through A Story Which Is All Too Real And Which may Just Bring A Catharsis In Our Own Lives. 

Into Every Life Comes Unseen Angels. We Each Must Decide How We Respond To Them!!


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42 INTO 27

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