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YOU too can be an Old Lion.....go to the JOIN US Page (if it's not on the BAR, just look in the PAGE: Directory) and discover what YOU can do to be a PART of all the things that are OLD LIONS STILL ROAR INCORPORATED! We're saving a spot just for YOU!!

FINALLY, just what are our INTENTIONS here at Old Lions Still Roar  and Angel Scene USA? Or is that a question previously answered on this page, many times over? Our intentions here at Old Lions and Angel Scene USA are to stick to our MISSION.....to follow our PLANS.....to be true to our DREAMS and make them come true......and to NEVER.....EVER.....Give up!! That is the, sort of, short answer!

In this case the long answer could go on for ever; but let's try and make it simple, just like our operation here at Old Lions. Our Intentions are to push forward.....eyes on the goal....and continue to make the very BEST Product we can make.... Keeping costs reasonable.....keeping prices affordable....but ALWAYS keeping quality at it's highest level...and to never let the goal stay fixed......while reaching our goals we also want to constantly expand our goals and NEVER rest on our past accomplishments....to make our Shareholders HAPPY that they are a part of this DREAM....not only because they make BIG profits....but because they are a part of something beyond SPECIAL.....something MAGICAL!

Just what are our DREAMS here at Old Lions Still Roar  and Angel Scene USA? A very special question, and close to our hearts. Our DREAMS are boundless! Again the short answer comes quickly! They are boundless because our imaginations are boundless also.....because we encourage innovation....thinking outside the box......creative freedom....... and forward looking as opposed to looking back! And we do NOT mean we never think of our history or History in general....we draw from it constantly.

Our DREAMS are a vital part of our Company, because creative people DREAM and then, make those dreams come true! Each of our Projects once was a DREAM. Eack Book for Musical.....each Storyline.....each Lyric....each Musical Composition....ALL once just a DREAM!

So, what are our DREAMS here at Old Lions and Angel Scene USA? The long answer, which is no longer than the short answer, IS....We DREAM of Creating Theater and Music and Entertainment Product so MAGICAL....so WONDERFUL....that you simply cannot ignore it. As our Motto says: "Old Lions Still Roar....with Sights and Sounds You Simply Cannot Ignore!

Just what are our PLANS here at Old Lions? Interesting question, glad you asked! First, we plan to become one of the foremost Companies in Theater and Entertainment today! THAT is the short answer. Second, to do THAT, we MUST continue to attract the most talented and involved Team Members we can find to help us continue to Create the best Product and to get that Product OUT to YOU!! Mr. Storm has already reached out to a NEW Composer who has expressed strong interest in joining us. You can discover more about him on the PROJECT Page. And lastly, we MUST NEVER be satisfied with what we have done to date! We MUST, instead, always strive to do more and better things in the future!



Just what is OLD LIONS STILL ROAR ? Good question! WE  are an Entertainment Multi-Media Company primarily involved currently in Creating, Developing, and Producing Theater Projects! You can SEE / HEAR about some of the many Projects we have in Development, in the Works, in the Que, etc. by visiting our PROJECT PAGE on this Web Site!! You will also be able to LINK to the Web Sites for some of these Projects, that are in HOT Development, on that PROJECT PAGE! Old Lions Still Roar  is also People....our TEAM. Our People are the ones who make this Company GO! You can find out a bit about them, and see their faces, on the ABOUT Page on this Web Site! AND, you can check on all the NEWS and happenings from Old Lions Still Roar  on the NEWS Page or by Linking to the BLOG on the BLOG Page!

Just what is our Mission here at Old Lions and Angel Scene USA? GREAT Question! Our Mission is quite simple, as is our operation, we want to Create, Develop, and Produce the BEST Theater and Entertainment Product we possibly can; AND we want to offer that Prodcut to YOU, the audience, at a price you can afford! We are a Company that does not believe in padding Budgets and making Theater and Entertainment COST more than it must to provide top-flight Product. In other words, we care LESS about our bottom line than we care about the people attached to the "BOTTOMS" in our seats! Don't get me wrong, we want our Company to make money; we want to please our Shareholders! But we want to do THIS by providing the BEST Product around today and by using Budgets that allow our Product to be Mounted reasonably enough to recoup and allow those Projects to RUN longer because they have a lower weekly running costs. In plain speak.....WE WANT TO ENTERTAIN YOU!!